Dollar Shave Club

I decided to try Dollar Shave Club, I was tired of spending almost $20 on 4 blades for my razor. I now get the 6 blade razor refills for $9 a month from Dollar Shave Club. The razor  is a great quality product. The 6 blade refills are 5 blades with the trimmer on the top of the refill, men can use it to trim their beard and ladies can use it for their eyebrows.

With the first order you get one handle. You can buy an extra 4 blades for $8. Every month you get a set of 4 blades. You can have your refill blades sent every other month if you don’t need 4 refills a month. Now let’s get into the plans they offer.

They offer a couple of plans, basically a plan for just about anyone. They have :

1.The Humble Twin, it’s a 2 blade refill and it’s $1 a month (or every other month if you choose that option), but you pay $2 S&H.

2.The 4x which is $6 a month and free S&H.

3.The Executive, which is the 6 blades, it’s $9 everytime your refills are sent and free S&H

But that’s not all they offer!!!! If you refer one of your friends, you send a custom link, you get $5 for every friend. So you can always get it for free by just inviting two friends a month (depending on your plan).

They sell more than just razors. You can have all of the products on their website sent with your refills if you decide to get all of the other options.They offer :

Wanderer Brand, which is shower gels, shampoo, conditioners, and even a wash cloth. The Wanderer Brand prices range from $4.50 to $9.50 for each product, or you can save some money and buy a bundle package. Bundle packages range from $14.50 to $18.

  1. Boogies Hair Styling products: hair gels, hair cream, hair fiber, hair clay, hair paste, and even hair pomade. These products will cost you anywhere from $7 to $10. No bundle offers yet.

  2. DSC Traveler: a water resistant shower bag for all of your products, so no matter where you go you can take your bathroom with you. The DSC Traveler is $25.

4.Dr.Carver’s: shave butter, disappearing post shave dew, mandatory prep scrub, vital pre-shave oil, magnanimous post shave cream, pillowy shave lather, miracle repair serum, easy shave butter (travel size), pillowy shave lather (travel size). Those products cost anywhere from $6 to $12.

5.Big Cloud: sunscreen, good shake hand cream, and 4 different sizes of sky master mint leaf balm with sunscreen. That collection ranges from $4 to $9 for each product. And if you need face wipes

6.Wipes: for only $4-$6 each.

Dollar Shave Club has you covered for any showering, shaving, and hair problem or concern you may have. The wide variety of products along with the affordable razor makes it worth your time.



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