Awengu 3 Pack 10ft Red Nylon Charging Cable

We all know what it’s like to buy a charging cord and it not work or charge really slow. So I was sort of skeptical of this deal at first. It’s 3 10ft cords for $11.99, a amazing deal if you ask me. I went ahead and bought it to see if it’s any good, plus my kids have lost all of our charging cords and I was desperate. 

As soon as it came in the mail (UPS) I plugged it in to see if I just got a great deal or if I just wasted money. I got a great deal. It charges mine and my husbands phones very quickly.

It’s also nylon (sort of like a rope feeling) so it’s pretty sturdy. It’s a very well made cord. And I’ve never had a 10ft charging cord EVER, much less 3 of them. So finally the sitting almost on the wall to charge my phone isn’t a issue.

I can finally use the plugin behind my headboard and still know I have plenty of cord to reach the night stand at night. Plus the biggest issue is solved, no more extension cord in my living room that is always in my way when I need to vacuum (It’s a awful thing to see anyway). I highly recommend these cords because it’s a steal. CLICK HERE to buy them, they are prime eligible. 


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