Bestidy Professional Makeup Brushes 10 Piece Soft Oval Toothbrush Design

I am in love with these makeup brushes. I researched brushes like these for weeks looking for some that weren’t going to cost me a arm and a leg yet still be the 10 piece brush set. 

I found these on Amazon for $19.99 and they’re prime eligible. I didn’t know they also come ith a brush cleaner pad. These are worth way more than the price they’re asking, they’re very good quality. 

I used them with foundation first, so many brushes claim they can be used for foundation but then when you do you’ll have streaks all over your face, I wanted to see if these did that or not. They worked great with foundation and powder. They also blend better than any makeup brush I’ve ever used.

They’re soft to the touch but they’re also very firm too. I don’t know how else to explain it it’s a great quality to have though. They are also a little flexible so don’t worry about pushing on them too hard. They do come in the box and they’re very well secured in the box. Below are pics of the set I ordered. Yes mine still have some powder on them please excuse that. I was in a hurry to get this review up.

If you want your own set CLICK HERE to go directly to this product. 


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