Bornku Dimmable Illuminated Makeup Mirror with lights and Magnification B91 Cosmetic Mirror with 21 LED Light

Every girl needs this mirror. If you’d like to buy this incrediable mirror from Amazon for $29.99 CLICK HERE, it is prime eligible. Here’s the best features of this mirror:

  1. 21 LED lights integrated into the front of the mirror (the entire mirror is a smooth surface)
  2. It does have a on/off switch in the back
  3. It also has a touch on/off switch in the front at the bottom of the mirror (it isn’t in the picture is why I listed this, it’s a really cool feature). It’s reminds me of the home button on the IPhone 6 & 7.
  4. Battery Operated 4 AA batteries (not included)
  5. Magnifying mirror that has suction cups on the back
  6. Has a small space on the base of the mirror to hold small items

I am very satisfied with my purchase. I got it in about two days and it was shipped out very quickly. It’s bright and it has a sleek modern design to go with any decor. My favorite thing about this mirror besides the lights is that it doesn’t have a cord that I’d have to worry about.


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