Dragon’s Blood Facial Cream

I was impressed with this seller. I never contacted the seller because I had no issues, but the seller contacted me with a coupon for my next purchase. I felt valued when the seller gave my order a little bit of a special touch. The e-mail didn’t seem like it was a automated e-mail, but it seemed as if the seller took the time to write it themselves. 

My package came quick and it was prime eligible so it didn’t take long for my facial cream to arrive at my front door. For me, Prime eligible means my package will be shipped and I will get my package within a timely manner.

This cream is a instantly tightening and sculpting cream. However, it made my skin so soft. I’ve never felt such a soft face until I used this cream. It did help with the fine lines under my eyes and the expression lines on my forehead. I had problems with makeup caking up and really showing my smile lines and my expression lines. So I decided to try this cream.

After I received this cream I washed my face with mild soap, after I dried my face I applied this cream. The first time I didn’t use a primer just this cream and foundation and powder. For once my makeup didn’t cake up in my expression lines. I ended up with a flawless coverage. 

The 2nd time I used this with my makeup I decided to try it with my primer. With my primer and with this cream it felt amazing on my face but with the touch of your hand it felt greasy but didn’t look greasy. But as far as feeling both on your face (not with your hand) it felt great. The combo actually kept my makeup from causing my face to break out and it made my foundation go a lot further. Both times my makeup lasted all night long. 

I recommend this cream to every woman of all ages. I am 27 and it kept my makeup looking great both times. My makeup didn’t cake up during my evenings when I smiled and laughed. 

This facial cream comes exactly as pictured and it’s priced at $32.99 on Amazon. It’s sold by Swiss Botany. If you’d like to purchase it and try it yourself CLICK HERE and it’ll take you directly to the product on Amazon. This is after using the cream and my primer, I was also very badly sunburned on my forehead which by the way was actually peeling (still is peeling). 



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