EARBUDDIES- E7 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Most of my reviews are very good. Well this one isn’t horrible but I expected more for my money. I only have one issue with these and it’s the sound volume. I like really loud earbuds and these for the most part are pretty loud, but not loud enough to block everyone out around me. They’d be fine for running, walking, or just relaxing in your bedroom with them. I needed a really loud pair for my husband so he could use them while he’s mowing the lawn, these cannot do that. But the good things about these are

  1. They’re bluetooth
  2. They have a mic
  3. They have a tap feature (1 push of the button is pause, 2 pushes of the button is call the last number. I can’t remember all of them because I don’t use them much).
  4. Good sound quality
  5. I never had a issue with them cutting out when I was away from my phone.
  6. Come with a couple of different ear fittings
  7. Has a long battery life (talking time 8 hours, 6 hours of music, and 150 hours of standby)
  8. Magnetic (turns themselves off when they are together with the built in magnets, turns themselves on when you separate the earbuds)
  9. Rechargeable (they do come with a usb cord to charge)

I love everything else about these earbuds except the volume level. I think they’re very unique and they do fit a need that I had. They are sold for $39.99 on Amazon and are prime eligible. If you’d like to check them out or buy a pair CLICK HERE.


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