Oveena Skin Care

This is a deep wrinkle cream. I am starting to get wrinkles on my forehead so I have decided to try this to reduce those wrinkles. Who would’ve thought at 27 I’d be looking for these types of creams, but I am a very animated person (meaning I use a lot of facial expressions). 

So far it has reduced my wrinkles. And it did make my skin smooth. You use a pea size drop and that’s plenty to do your entire face, which is a good thing. I only have one issue with this product.

I was expecting a cute little bottle that’s shown in the picture at the top of the page. However that’s not what I got. It’s the same size as the bottle pictured above, appearance to me is a big deal. What I got looks like a sample bottle of hand lotion. Other than that everything is great about this product. It’s clinically proven that it works and it did work for me. 

The seller shipped it out in a timely manner. It was delivered USPS and it maybe took about a week to arrive. The seller contacted me with updates on my product, as far as when it was shipped and they contacted me when my product arrived. They even emailed me my tracking number. 

If you need this product or want to try this product then CLICK HERE and it’ll take you directly to the page of this product on Amazon. It retails at $32.97 and free shipping. I do recommend this product just expect different packaging. Below is the picture of my tube that came instead of a bottle. 




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