Remington Vacuum Hair Clippers

I decided to buy these ultimately because I needed clippers, I have 3 boys and a husband who have to have hair cuts. And my husband also uses them to trim his beard. Our last set of clippers wore out and were old. 

I honestly didn’t think the vacuum feature would actually work well. But I didn’t know for sure and it was worth a try. I needed clippers anyway whether or not that feature worked well or not. Well the vacuum on these clippers work very well. Even when you’re using them upside down on the top of the head they don’t leave behind a single hair on the floor. I was overjoyed when I used these and learned the vacuum worked that well. The vacuum also has what looks like a filter to keep it from getting clogged up. Just pull the small canister off of the clippers and dump. 

These clippers are very sharp and cut hair very well. I didn’t have any issues with hair clogging up or bogging down the hair clippers. I am very happy with the quality of the cut of these clippers. The included items in this purchase is:

  1. 8 guards (including both ear trimmers)
  2. Oil
  3. Cleaning Brush
  4. Scissors
  5. Hair Clips
  6. Comb
  7. Case (not solid plastic, instead like a long traveling bag)

You can purchase these clippers on Amazon. Your options are corded (which is what I bought) or cordless. The corded set retails at $35.83 and the cordless set $59.99 (rechargable and 60 minutes of run time). You can buy these in blue or in gray. If you’re interested in buying these CLICK HERE, they’re prime eligible. 


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