Silk Protein NutMilk

   I tried Silk Protein Nutmilk and at first I honestly didn’t think I’d like it. I typically don’t drink Silk Milk, but hey sometimes it pays off to try new things, it did for me. Here’s a list of reasons I’ll be buying more Silk NutMilk and what I think you may also like about it. 

  1. Taste- It has a amazing taste which was very surprising to me. I hate the taste of all milk unless it’s white milk with hershey’s syrup. This milk I can totally drink straight from the carton.
  2. Low Sugar- If you’re on a diet you’re definitely watching your sugar intake like I am. It only has 2g of sugar, surprising right.
  3. Protein- I am on a low sugar high protein diet and I didn’t know how hard it was to cut out sugar and intake more protein until I started tracking my food and drink intake. Well this is a milk I am comfortable drinking while I am on my diet. FINALLY
  4. NON-GMO
  5. Dairy Free- this isn’t a huge point for me because I’m not lactose intolerant but it’s a great point for anyone who is.
  6. Gluten Free
  7. Soy Free

For all of the mom’s who read the labels of the products that you give your kids I’ll list them here. I also started reading these labels when I downloaded my calorie counter so I can transition into a healthier lifestyle.  I also have a picture of the nutrition label below.

  1. Serving size 1cup
  2. Calories- 130
  3. Total Fat- 8g
  4. Saturated Fat .5g
  5. Trans Fat 0
  6. Cholesterol 0mg
  7. Sodium 220mg
  8. Potassium 80mg
  9. Total Carbs 4g
  10. Dietary Fiber <1g
  11. Sugars 2g
  12. Protein 10g
  13. Iron 8%
  14. Vitamin D 25%
  15. Calcium 45%




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