SOLLED Sunrise Alarm Clock

I have never used a alarm clock like this until I bought it and tried it myself. I like that it’s a multifunction alarm clock. Here’s the features:

  1. Can also be used for a nightlight- you can set it to change colors
  2. LCD display- 2 brightness settings
  3. Touch instead of buttons
  4. FM Radio
  5. 15 Alarm Sounds- 14 of them are natural nature sounds
  6. Can be dimmed
  7. Can take 2 AAA batteries in case of a power outage
  8. Imitates a sunrise a minute before the alarm sounds—You can also disable this feature
  9. Can be plugged into usb port (if you have the option on your wall outlet, or you can use the plugin it comes with)
  10. Adjustable alarm sound
  11. 12/24 hour time display

I think it’s a cute alarm clock. I wish it had a few more options but for $24,99 it’s a steal. It also has a few features I think are unique such as the sunrise feature, the time display, and the touch. I think it’s perfect for your child’s room. Especially if they’re afraid of the dark like my kids. If you wish to buy this on Amazon CLICK HERE.


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