Spaire Hair Straightener With Steam

I am in love with this straightener. I was looking for a straightener that heated up quickly and that wouldn’t do a lot of damage my my hair. And that’s exactly what I got when I bought this straightener from Amazon. I’ll list the features I like about it.

  1. Steam option
  2. Heats Up Quickly
  3. Color
  4. Swivel cord
  5. High and Low options
  6. Carrying bag
  7. Velcro on Cord to keep it wrapped
  8. A Fill bottle for water tank

It took me 5 minutes to make my poofy hair manageable again. Without a straightener the ends of my hair flips out and my hair looks like a bulky bowl. And I am a mom of four, I don’t have time to wait for over 30 minutes for my straightener to heat up.

I have even had straighteners take the color out of my hair. This straightener did not take any hair color out of my hair and it didn’t make my hair dull, instead my hair shined even more than normal. Below are some pics after using the straightener.


The picture below: The left pic is when she used her straightener

The right pic is after I used this straightener on her hair.

To Buy CLICK HERE $35.99 and prime shipping available



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