Uharbour Stainless Steel Eyebrow Razor Trimmer and Shaper

I’ve bought a couple of eyebrow shavers and I usually don’t like them. Most of the time they aren’t sharp so they don’t get all of the hair. But I decided to go ahead and try these eyebrow razors because the reviews on it were amazing.

I bought them on Amazon for $6.49 and they’re prime eligible, so I got them quickly. And I needed to shave in between my eyebrows, they felt like they were touching. I needed a razor that was effective because I am scared to use a leg shaving razor because my luck I’d loose half a eyebrow.

Well they come in a plastic carrying case and there’s four to a case. Each one of them have a guard on the blade for when you aren’t using it. These were two great qualities that I needed and wanted.

They’re very sharp. They don’t feel like they’re pulling the eyebrow hair out, it’s just like a clean shave. It didn’t leave anything behind and very simple to use. I shaved and shaped my eyebrows a couple of days ago and most of the time after shaving my eyebrows it feels like stubble is left behind with other razors like this. But with this razor everything is very smoothe. I couldn’t believe how sharp and effective these things were. I’m reordering as soon as I need them.

CLICK HERE to order them yourself

Below are some pictures of one of the razors that came in the set of four


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