Women Makeup Handbag Cosmetic Bag

Of course I love makeup, skincare products, and hair products and I am over growing my bathroom counter. So I bought this little makeup bag to hold some of my things. Plus I need a makeup bag so I can take my makeup to work with me in order to touch it up while I’m at work.

This makeup bag came in fairly quick from USPS. It’s not prime eligible and I wasn’t exactly sure how long it’d be before the seller shipped it out. It ended up being shipped out within hours of my order and it only took a few days to get here. That really impressed me.

Plus it’s identical to the picture. I wasn’t sure if the color of the bag would be exactly as the picture shows or if maybe it was lighter or darker. But the picture is true to the color of the bag I ordered. 

It also is a great size. I didn’t know what to expect considering it came folded in a envelope, that worried me at first. But it’s a great size, it held most of my makeup, everything but my brushes. It is the length and width of a clutch bag. But bigger than most makeup bags I’ve seen. 

It’s not leather, the material is sort of like a thin canvas. Which is great if you are traveling because the bag is breathable which means less of a chance of your makeup melting in the bag. 

This makeup bag is only $13.99 and it’s free shipping. I think it was worth every penny I spent. I don’t think it’s going to tear even though it’s a thin material, it’s pretty decent quality. If you’d like to order it from Amazon CLICK HERE. Here’s some of the pics of mine and the products I have put in mine. Excuse the scar close to the bottom of my leg.



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