The Best Survey/Sample Sites

My Favorite Sites: My Product Reviews Can Be Found Under The Blog Tab. 

1. CrowdtapI absolutely love this website. You do “missions,” which may include finishing a response and posting it to twitter, or answering a poll, and sometimes posting pictures of whatever they may be wanting such as a certain product for you to share on twitter. But after all of that clicking (which everything takes under a minute each), you’re rewarded with $5 amazon gift cards.

It’s so quick to earn the Amazon cards too. After you first sign up, the first two gift cards are earned for every 500 points. And after the first two gift cards then you must earn 1,000 points to get the gift cards. There’s no surveys from third parties and you can earn points quick and easy. No disqualifications if you’re not a certain age or anything like that. 

Oh, did I mention that they also give out samples, and sometimes they’re full size products. Plus you earn points if you’re selected to get those products. So far I have gotten a box of Teddy Soft Bakes and a full size of Silk Almond Milk. And there’s some work after you get your samples, but not a excessive amount of work. You’ll post some pictures on crowdtap, or finish a sentence to post on twitter and that’s it. I have already gotten $20 of Amazon cards from this company. 

Right now they’re accepting applications for Revlon makeup. So you better hurry up and sign up so you can get your application in. They choose the people that’s most active in their community to test the products, so always do your missions. Here are some pictures of the last mission I got. I am currently waiting for the voucher for the Silk Almond milk to come in. 

2.BzzAgent– This is another favorite website of mine. They send you things to review, which they’re called campaigns on this website. I have gotten a full size bottle of Dove’s dandruff shampoo, a magnet, and Children’s Claritin to review. My husband got a Oral-B 6000 Bluetooth Toothbrush from bzzagent.

Everything you get in the mail from them you get to keep after your campaign is over. No cash or gift cards, but you get free full size products. They have a wide variety of companies who use their services, even P&G.

There are quiet a few surveys after you first join, but after that it’s rare that you do anymore surveys. They only do so many surveys when you sign up is so they can send what products will suite you. They’re not going to intentionally send you products that you don’t like. And if you are invited to a campaign you don’t have to jump over hoops or wait what seems like forever to get in. Every time I have gotten a invitation to a campaign, I got that product with no problem.

After you receive the product they will expect pictures, reviews, and sharing your experience on your social media. Some campaigns are really quick to do,sometimes only two reviews, and others take a little more posting. They tell you what hashtags they want used and give examples so you aren’t left in the dark with this company. They’ll let you know step for step of how to do it. Here are some pictures I have gotten from them, and the toothbrush my husband got from them.

3.MySavings-This is a great freebie site, there’s never a lot of junk samples. All the links have worked so far. They stay updated daily and these samples don’t have any surveys. You just click the link fill out the form and you’re done, you just wait for it to come to you. I have used this site for a couple of years and I love it.

4.PinchMe– PinchMe sends out small boxes of stuff, sometimes full size and sometimes sample size. I’ve gotten body wash (sample size), Just For Men shampoo (full size), Purina dog food (sample size). I am currently waiting for them to send me my samples of tea, toothpaste, and and aftershave. The only downfall about this website it it takes almost a month for them to send out your samples, sometimes you’re waiting awhile to receive a email for available samples, and shipping is slow.

5.Vipon-This isn’t exactly a free site, but it has major discounts for amazon products. Sometimes 91% off. They have a huge selection of stuff to choose from. Sign up is free.’

  1. Shopper Army-I have gotten a full size sample of Gillette deodorant from Shopper army. You sign up and go through a list of products you’d like to try. Plus you’ll be offered to go to the store and buy certain products and you’ll be rewarded in gift cards. I had a offer to buy McCormick Fajita Seasoning which is $1.18 and I got a $5 Amazon gift card. All rewards vary depending on what you buy. They also require a review for the products you buy and try.

  2. Sample Source– It’s like PinchMe, you sign up and fill out your profile and wait for them to e-mail you to receive free samples.

  3. 0.8L– I heard of this website through word of mouth. You apply for campaigns and you’ll get a text message if you were picked. I have been picked for 2 items and one came in today. Overall I’ve applied for a ton of their campaigns and only won two, but this site doesn’t require a huge amount of work so I am satisfied and added new campaigns daily. You must take a picture of you using the product and submit your review. Below is a picture of my first campaign for this company.


All blue words are links leading to the actual websites themselves. All links will pop up in a separate window. I will continue to update this page as I find more sites that are worth the time.