The Best Amazon Discount Sites

The Best Ways To Get Discounts for Your Purchases On Amazon

*I will not post any site that you have to pay a membership for

*Never Request A Deal You’re not Sure About Buying


SnagShout– You can get some good deals on this site. You can get anything from supplements, food, household products, baby stuff, and much more at a discount price ranging from 30%-90% off. Click on the product you want>click snag deal> use code on Amazon to receive discount.

UberZoneClub-Sign up and they’ll e-mail you deals. Pick which deals you want and buy. I bought compression socks for $1.70 which was originally $16.99, and a mud face mask for $0.25 originally $14.95. You just have to be quick to respond to the products you want because it is limited supplies.

Vipon- I’ll update with link when the site is fully updated.

TestZon– You have to be approved by seller. Click on the item you want (sometimes 100% off) and click review it. Then fill out the box and tell the seller what you can do for their product (such as post it on facebook or instagram), then you wait for a reply. I am very new to this site. They have a lot of choices to choose from.

Giveaway Service- Join then go shopping. When you find the product you want then apply and wait for the seller to approve. You must post about the product online promoting it. It’s like a word of mouth company. They have great deals most of the time 50% to 90% off.

Best One Amazon– Not a huge selection but big discounts. You can always check back and new products constantly posted. Request the deal you want and wait for the seller to approve your request. Copy the code and use it on Amazon to get it for the price on the discount site. 






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